Out with the Old in with the New….That is your HVAC Unit.

Are you planning on replacing your old inefficient HVAC unit? Then you are making the right decision. Your old heating and cooling system is not powerful enough to provide sufficient amount of heat during the Chicago extended winter season and not enough cooling for the humid Chicago summer days.

If it’s old, outdated, sounds like it’s about to burst…then it’s time to upgrade. The harder that unit works the higher your energy bill will increase along with it. According to experts your HVAC system is responsible for more than half of your electric bills.

The life expectancy of an HVAC system is between 16-20 years. How much money could you be saving over that time period with a higher efficiency HVAC unit? It is a smart investment; don’t wait until your HVAC equipment fails that will only rush you into buying a new HVAC system.

There are a number of factors to consider when replacing a HVAC unit:
• The age and condition of your HVAC unit.
• The proper size of the unit.
• The efficiency level of your HVAC unit.
• The SEER and EER ratings of your HVAC unit.
• Hiring an experienced HVAC contractor.

If you are considering having your HVAC system replaced, you should reach out to a professional. This will give you access to skills, knowledge, vast experience, and equipment necessary to a good job and proper installation. You should mention any problems that you are having with the existing unit, mention the upgrades you are looking for, and consider any additional services offered (such as Preventive Maintenance Program). Remember there are High Efficiency HVAC units to fit every budget; just remember to ask your contractor.

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